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my brother deploys to Iraq Friday.

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i know most of you in the midwest don't want to hear this so you can skip over it if you please.

i am dying of heatstroke! it's abnormally warm here and my car said it was 80 just a bit ago. we live on a third floor apartment facing south so i know it's over 80 inside here. and our ceiling fan is broken! i am so close to turning my air conditioner on. but i can't come to grips with that idea in january.

our maintenance people are usually on top of these kinds of things, but they aren't coming until tomorrow so no circulation in my living room until then. i've also been having a horrific time with our electric company. our power went out last night and no one did anything about it. today i called to have a new meter brought out and no one came, so i called again tonight only to be told that there was no record of our fiasco last night or my order for this morning. ughhh! i hate that electric companies (at least everywhere i've lived) are monopolies. and i can't wait to have a house and put up a damn wind turbine. that's going to be my way of sticking it to them. haha.

nothing can seem to go right for me these last two days when it comes to customer service. i'm afraid to go anywhere, even if i wasn't stuck at home for the next 4-6 hours as i was all. day. long. waiting for this electric company person to bring me my goods.

i am happy and thankful that we are getting on track moneywise. much better than before. i love my budgeting system. i love organization in any way, and i'm thrilled to be looking into investing for our future. yays.

that's it. i'm turning on the ceiling fan. if it falls through the ceiling, then at least they will come fix it right away.


friends cut.

i'm doing a much needed friends cut. no hard feelings. just a lot of folks that i don't talk to often on here and i can barely keep up with the journals of those that i do talk to!

we are going friends only. thanks.

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